Fantastic Finish To Historic 50th Running Of The Bathurst 1000

Make it through a 500 mile NASCAR race, and ultimately the “photo finish” is a manufactured event due to phantom trash causing a yellow flag, or the always predicable green, white checkers.  Down in Australia though, 1000 kilometers of racing (621 miles) over a bit over six hours brought some of the tightest racing in the last 10 laps that you will see, and no safety cars, or full course yellows were needed, just two drivers going balls out for the most important race in Australian motor racing.

For those that don’t know the Bathurst 1000 is Australia’s version of the Indy 500, it’s the most important race of the year, and people who don’t care about cars, and car racing tune in for the event.  You could never win a championship, but if you win Bathurst, you become part of legend.

With this years running being the 50th, many teams broke out historic paint jobs for days gone by to pay tribute to the heros of the past.  The racing through out the event was some of the best the mountain has ever seen as well, but in the end, it came down to David Reynolds in the Ford Performance Racing Falcon and Jamie Whincup in the Triple Eight Comadore.  The last 10 laps were nost to tail around the 6.21km circuit, with Whincup’s team mate Craig Lownes charging hard from back in 8th’s place trying to make the podium.

Here is a highlights package to look at, we are hoping that like all the other races this year, the entire race will be uploaded to YouTube.


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