Autoline After Hours Tonight

This week the AAH crew is back from its hiatus and on location in the new studio. We’ll be making up for lost time, discussing some of the biggest stories we missed. Cerberus’ Bob Nardelli ran his mouth off about the Chrysler-Fiat partnership and had to issue a humiliating retraction. The guy who triggered the Nardelli backlash? None other than After Hours alumus Jason Vines. Also, the Big Three contract negotiations seem to point to the fact that the UAW is in fact running scared. And, some happy news for the Motor City, the Detroit Grand Prix will return in 2012. To discuss this and more, John McElroy is joined in studio by Peter De Lorenzo the Autoextremist with a special appearance by Mr. GreatNoRoCo himself, Roaster Jack a purveyor of fine coffee and a Buick fan.


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