Autoline After Hours Tonight With Tom Crumm, Author and Duncan Dayton, Highcroft Racing

This week can you say “Double Feature”? Join us for not one but two visionary guests. Our first guest wants to do away with the assembly line as we know it. Tom Crumm, the author of “What’s Good for GM?”, believes the future of manufacturing lies in the past when small teams built each car from start to finish. Crumm thinks this is a surefire way to rekindle the passion workers once had for their products. Speaking of passion, our next guest has plenty of it. Duncan Dayton is the owner of Highcroft Racing, which is involved in bringing the DeltaWing concept to race at Le Mans in 2012. He says this could be “one of the most significant developments in motor racing in 50 years.” John McElroy is joined in studio by the one and only Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo.
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