RoAb #68 – The ‘Not Your Father’s…’ Episode

This week peer inside the wonderful world of progress.  Behold fantastic innovations from the future.  This is definitely not your father’s episode of RoundAbout.  Find out what a certain septuagenarian converted his mobility scooter into.  Hint: it’s pretty hot.  Learn about one California city that’s taking advantage of advanced social-networking services to deter intoxicated motoring.  What kind of artistic masterpiece did one Michigan woman create out of dryer lint?  We’ll cover these burning issues plus many more.  And don’t miss out on the latter-half of the program when we sit down with Heather Heughens (that’s pronounced hyoo-ins) and Scott Vandekerckhove (you’re on your own with this one), both of Event Services International, to talk about Dodge’s Hemi Highway Tour, a 40-day, 8,000-mile trek across the United States.  Join us for all of this, and a whole lot more, on this week’s installment of RoundAbout, #68, the “Not Your Father’s . . .” episode.

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