Quick Take: 2010 Triumph Street Triple R

Thanks to the Autoline crew we were able to put this video together of the Triumph Street Triple R.  We only had it for a few hours, and we did this in the style of John McElroy’s Instant Impressions on the AutolineDetroit.tv site.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave your feedback.

Steve McQueen

Over the last four or five years there has been renaissance of Steve McQueen imagery.  It could have been Ford resurrecting the some of the shots of Bullet when it launched the 2005 Mustang, but I thinkit started just before that.

McQueen was not only one of the great actors of his era, he was an iconic fashion image and a HUGE fan of all motorsports, two wheeled or four.  While the phrase might not have been coined for him, he epitomized it, “Men want to be him and women wanted to be with him”

There are many iconic images of “The King Of Cool” this happens to be one of my favorite, it comes from the end of the movie LeMans.  Today would have been Steve’s 80th birthday.


Two Wheel Tuesday Motorcycle Art

I was contacted by an artist from the UK named Billy, just Billy, he has some pretty cool prints available for Ducati and Triumph lovers.  The price isn’t bad, £45 which includes shipping.  Here is a cool twist though.  If you buy a print, you are automatically entered into a drawing to win the original oil on canvas.  All monies go to the artist, Rumblestrip.net has no financial interest in this.  If you like the Ducati print you can purchase it here:

and if you are into Triumph’s you can purchase that one here:

Two Wheel Tuesday The Triumph Thruxton

Over the last five years or so the retro cafe movement has really picked up momentum.  Both Ducati and Triumph have brought out lines of bikes to echo that golden era of motorcycling from the mid 60’s to the very early 70’s.  It has gone so far that people are dragging old Honda CB550 and 750’s, Kawasaki H1 and H2 etc out of the basement, fixed them up and added touches so that that they wouldn’t look out of place down at The Ace Cafe getting ready to do a ton up run.

Triumph had their demo fleet in town over the weekend and we got a chance to take a ride on the Thruxton.  This is a bike that we have liked for a while from a looks standpoint but have been reserving judgement on till we could take it for a spin.  

We liked it, and we think you will too, have a look!