The Time Has Come To Sell The Mustang


Well kids, the time has come to move on from the Mustang. ┬áThis has been a fun, at times, project, and I’ve done most of what I set out to accomplish with it. ┬áSure there are a few things it has yet to do under my ownership, first and foremost being a pass in anger down the dragstrip.

Given that I’ve started to travel more for work, and my work load has increased about 50% in the last 18 months, the truth of the matter is I just don’t have the time for it, and it deserves to go to someone who does have the time.

So, here is what’s on offer:

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First Look: 2017 Nissan Titan Crew Cab

Nissan brought us out for a quick look at their new half ton 2017 Titan. They are once again trying to take on the juggernauts of Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra and Ram as well as Toyota Tundra.

How does this new Nissan Titan stack up in the half-ton market? That’s what we find out on this episode of and Ten Minute Test Drive.