Autoline’s LIVE coverage of the 2012 Washington D.C. Auto Show

Once again Autoline heads to Washington D.C. to get a take on what the lost and the clueless in our nations capital have to say about the auto industry.  Fear not, there will be a few people John McElroy will be talking with that don’t need a map to find their backside with either hand.

Some of the people that John will be talking to are:

Margo Oge, EPA
Roland Hwang, NRDC
Jake Jones, Daimler
Phil Murtaugh, CODA
Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai



The show starts at Noon EST, so hang out and see what happens!

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Cadillac’s CUE Infotainment System

While we were at the ATS launch on Sunday evening, we had the opportunity to get a walk through of Cadillac’s new infotainment system, the Cadillac User Experience, or CUE.  Rather then spend time writing about it, we thought we should just let you see the video, and see what Cadillac is about to roll out in the new XTS, ATS and then the rest of the line up.

2013 Cadillac Debuts In Harley Earl’s Old Studio

Caddilac has been riding a two model line up for a few years now with the CTS and the SRX.  Yes the Escallade, and the DTS have been around, but their sales have been less than.  The DTS is getting replaced later this year with the new XTS that debuted in L.A. in November and the Escallade will be around for a few more years.  Now 

Now Cadillac is going full bore into the “C” segment taking on Audi’s A4, BMW’s 3 Series and Mercedes C Series with the all new ATS.  Built on it’s own platform, available in Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive, the car will weigh in at under 3400 pounds, which is pretty remarkable in this day and age.  It will have three engines available, a 2.5 liter inline four, a 270 horsepower 2.0 Turbo four and a 320 hourspower 3.6 liter V6.

The car debuted Sunday night, just before the NAIAS kicked off at the Center for Creative Studies in what used to be the old GM Styling center.  In fact the ATS’s debut was on the 11th floor room that Harley Earl used as the place to design the signiture cars for General Motors in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s.

How will the car drive?  We will find out when we get our hands on it in a few months.


Autoline Detroit LIVE At The 2012 North American International Auto Show

Autoline Detroit is covering the 2012 North American International Auto Show LIVE from Noon until 2 PM today and tomorrow.  If you want to see interviews with the leaders of the automotive world and reaction to all the debuts at the most important show of the the year, then you need to watch the live stream.


During the show they will have such guests as:
Jim Farley, Ford
John Maloney, Volvo
Max Wolfe, Lincoln
Mary Barra, GM
John Mendel, Honda
Fred Diaz, RAM
Don Esmond, Toyota
Reid Bigland, Dodge
Fillip Brabec, Audi
Bill Krueger, Nissan
Ludwig Willisch, BMW
Saad Chehab, Chrysler
Jeff Conrad, Acura

And on Tuesday, we will be completely mobile as we cut the cords and rove around the show floor live on the air to bring you all the latest reveals.


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Autoline After Hours Tonight With an Inside Peek at the NAIAS

This week we’re getting the inside dirt on the North American International Auto Show, or as we prefer to call it: the Detroit Auto Show. Our guests are Bill Perkins, the NAIAS Co-Chair and Rod Alberts, the Executive Director for NAIAS. We’ll be asking them if things have really changed down at Cobo Center. Are unions still ripping everyone off? Can we expect any more fights with the Detroit City Council? Of course, with the big show only a few short days away, we’ll be talking a lot about what we can expect to see at the show with major reveals from Cadillac, Lincoln, Dodge, Acura, Ford, and more. To discuss these stories and more, John McElroy is joined in studio by Peter De Lorenzo the Autoextremist.

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