Autoline After Hours Tonight with Scott Burgess, The Detroit News

This week it’s time for that big, important talk about journalistic ethics. One of tonight’s guests is Scott Burgess, former auto critic for The Detroit News. Although he hasn’t given a reason for his resignation, it appears it may have had to do with a negative review he wrote about the Chrysler 200, which was subsequently softened at the request of an advertiser. We’ll be asking Scott what happened and whether he might go back to the paper now that they have reversed their changes. Also, can you get an unbiased review these days — especially from the buff books? Should journalists accept trips from automakers to drive their new cars? John McElroy will even talk about the time GM threatened to sue him for a report he did. John is also joined in studio by the Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, as well as fellow journalist Sharon Terlep who covers the auto industry for The Wall Street Journal.


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