Autoline After Hours Tonight With Jean Halliday, AutoAdOpolis

On this week’s show, it’s just us, the beers and a dog named “Ike” — oh yeah, and the latest news out of this ever-hopping auto industry! Our pal Jean Halliday from AutoAdOpolis will be on hand to chat with us as we delve into Consumer Reports’ latest findings. They’re wild about the latest GM product and amazed at the Chrysler prototypes they got a peek at. Plus, Japan’s in the midst of an exchange rate crisis while Chevy’s having a panic of its own over the classification of the Volt in California. But we couldn’t have two of our favorite ad gurus on the show without talking about some of the latest campaigns, so get ready for a “Deep” dive. John McElroy‘s also joined in studio by Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist.

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