RoundAboutShow #41 The “Body” Episode

Anybody and everybody is somebody, even nobody, on this week’s episode of RoundAbout, #41, the (you probably already guessed it) “Body” episode.  Our intrepid panel dives into a wide-array of stories, discussing everything from an artist that turned his Lada’s rusted-out body into a robotic sculpture to how video game fanatics can virtually test-drive the Chevy Volt … with their bodies.  We also take a look at North Korea and how the isolated hermit kingdom is making a new push to go green, possibly to clean up its tarnished image, PLUS we get a first-hand recap of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, that recently wrapped in Los Angeles, California.  Learn more about Microsoft’s innovative Xbox 360 Kinect and some of the hottest new automotive game titles coming down the pike.  All that and a whole lot more on this week’s stupendous installment of RoundAbout, #41, the ‘Body’ episode.

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Featuring: Dalibor DimovskiColin BirdEric TrytkoMichelle NaranjoCraig Cole andBen Sanders

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