RoundAboutShow #36 The “Psy-Car-Logy” Episode

“Why don’t you pull into my garage and tell me how that makes you feel?”  Join the RoundAbout crew this week for another wild, wacky and mildly off-putting episode of the most God-damn stupendous podcast ever.  This week we delve into the frightening inner workings of the human mind with the “Psy-Car-Logy” episode.  On the docket: those crazy Dutch make bizarre concessions to panic-stricken people taking their driving test.  “Isn’t that weird?”  A thief admits that stealing cars is a better high than meth.  Who knew?  And do airbags cause more harm than good?  All that and more, plus Volvo has an embarrassing mishap during a safety demonstration which we discuss in our “Stupid Car Trick” segment.  So skip your meds, restrain yourself or just do what the voices in your head have been whispering all along, listen to this week’s installment of RoundAbout, the “Psy-Car-Logy” episode, but don’t take my word for it.

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Featuring: Eric Trytko, Jeffrey Ross, Michelle Naranjo, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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