Young Gun Benny Solis

Anyone who got to see the Red Bull Rookies Cup last year in the AMA series couldn’t help but be impressed with Benny Solis who won the Championship.  When that series fell apart this year Benny was given the opportunity to continue in the series that still runs in conjunction with MotoGP.  

He was interviewed recently on a Spanish language TV program recently, which you can see here:

Friend Of The Strip Cesar Partdia was kind enough to supply us with an English translation:

Benny Solis transcript. (Translated to English)

Shown on KWHY-22 Los Angeles, CA

Sep 20, 2009


Host: We’re going to begin with Dianna Alvarado who is meeting a special young man who is only 15 years old.

Dianna Alvarado:  Thank you and good evening.

He’s breaking speed limits and maintains the high adrenaline level of his family at the edge of their seats. Benny Solis at only 15 years of age has traveled to all over the world to various motorcycle tracks, and today visits us here at Channel 22 so that we can get to know his story.

From Auto Club Speedway Fontana, CA

Benny’s Father: He eats, sleeps, drinks riding motorcycles. At breakfast he thinks about riding; all the time.

Benny Solis: My name is Benny Solis and I have 4 years riding motorbikes. I started at 10 years of age. I was 13 years old when I won the U.S. Red Bull rookies cup. I’m now riding professionally. I got here through Red Bull who had a program that assists young riders and have selected me to enter the European series where only 26 of the worlds best riders. I’m one of them.

My dream is to become the fastest. I want to become a World Champion.

Benny’s Father: (Coaching Benny) You need to work on this last turn. Hard okay.

As far as speeds go, in the straights he is topping at around 135-140 mph. 

Benny Solis: You don’t feel it. (Going top speed on the straights) because you’re body is tight and you’re concentrating on passing the next rider in front of you. 

Benny’s Father: His talents (Benny Solis) exceed what the bike is capable of 

Benny Solis: I was going 170 mph once and fell off. It really hurt and it scared me, but accidents happen in this sport. 

Benny’s Father: Sometimes I tell him “calm down!”

The ways in which I help him is by being his mechanic, his coach, his friend, and I’m his father. 

Benny Solis: He (Benny’s father) used to ride, and he knows how to go fast. He studies me, and if I make a mistake he’ll go out and tell me and he’ll show me what to do.

Benny’s Father: He’s very well disciplined and an overall good kid. And I’d like to see him become a World Champion.

Dianna Alvarado: Incredible!

Academically his desire to do well in the classroom equals his performance on the track. Math and Science are his favorite subjects and he is earning a 3.9 GPA and is in the 9th grade.

Best of luck to Benny!



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