Two Wheel Tuesday Riders For Health

I’ll be up front, I’m not the biggest supporter of charities and causes, I’ve seen first hand how the people they usually benefit most are the administrators who run the thing, most of the money never makes it the people or the causes they claim to want to help.

Riders For Health is different.  It’s a small organization where most of the money DOES make it to the people it wants to help.  The other thing that I like is that it appeals to my libertarian bent in that it uses local people to build up local infrastructures in Africa, no well healed do gooders swoop in to claim accolades they don’t deserve.

One of the main people behind this organization is Randy Mamola, four times a runner up in the 500GP championship, he works tirelessly in raising awareness and getting people he knows in the motorcycle industry to donate things for the big auction they have at the “Day Of Champions” before the Donnington MotoGP race, which is hosted by our friend Toby Moody and his announcing partner Julian Ryder.

This week at the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca, they will also be doing something similar here in having an auction to raise money for the organization, calling it, “The Day Of Stars“.  Have a look at Scott Jones’ write up of an auction Riders For Health did leading up to the MotoGP race at Laguna

Rather than me try to explain exactly what and how they do, Riders For Health produced this video that is quite good.

If you’d like to find out more information you can read up on them on their website

Two Wheel Tuesday Motorcycle Art

I was contacted by an artist from the UK named Billy, just Billy, he has some pretty cool prints available for Ducati and Triumph lovers.  The price isn’t bad, £45 which includes shipping.  Here is a cool twist though.  If you buy a print, you are automatically entered into a drawing to win the original oil on canvas.  All monies go to the artist, has no financial interest in this.  If you like the Ducati print you can purchase it here:

and if you are into Triumph’s you can purchase that one here:

Audi’s Now Pushing Clean Diesel

We got a press release from Audi this morning with a new commercial they will be running promoting their clean diesel technology in their cars.  As long time readers of this blog and readers of the podcast know, I have, for 15+ years been a big proponent of turbo diesel technology and it’s benefits, especially in cost over the much hyped hybrid option.

First VW comes out with an add that’s fun and snarky, now Audi, comes out with their message that is pretty straight forward, and makes it’s point very directly.  Have a look.

Top Gear Is Back

Sunday the 21st at 8PM on BBC 2 in the UK everyones favorite show about cars and motoring is back. Top Gear returns for it’s 13th season. For those of us in North America they run two (usually) series of 8-12 shows a year, but each is classified as a new season.

For viewers in the US I’m sure BBC America will get around to showing this in September or so, but if you want it on Sunday, say about 5-6PM EDT, check out the Final Gear site, they should have the link to download it by then

As per usual they have a couple of great promo for the season posted up. Enjoy!

Melissa Paris On The WSS Grid

Most of you will have scene this by now, but felt the need to post it.  Well done to Melissa, who we interviewed a year ago for RumblestripRadio.  It’s to bad the lead announcer was a complete D Bag for the whole weekend.

Two Wheel Tuesday Rossi Laps The Isle Of Man

As part of this years festivities for the Isle Of Man race, Yamaha had Valentino Rossi go over and do a parade lap of the circuit with Giacomo Agostini.  Looks like they had a lot of fun!!  Vale makes an interesting comment about the new R1 at the end when he compares it to his 2004 Yamaha M1